Dr. Anton Burkovi loeng täna, 25 novembril

“Strategic Litigation: Bringing the European Convention for Human Rights to Russia” to students of the Law Faculty's “Introduction to Russian Law” class.  Everyone is welcome. 
Näituse 20, room 217 (18.15-19.45)

In addition to his graduate degrees in law from Cambridge (PhD, 2009) and Essex (LLM, 2004), Dr. Burkov received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in law from Tiumen' (2005) and Ekaterinburg (1999). He had authored a number of monographs and articles in Russian and English; furthermore, he is involved in litigation in Strasbourg at the ECtHR. Dr. Burkov currently is residing in Tartu as an Aurora Fellow at the Law Faculty and the Center for EU-Russian Studies.