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The expatriate Estonian visiting professorship will be held by Annela Anger-Kraavi and Mart Kuldkepp.
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On 1 December, the University of Tartu celebrates the 103rd anniversary of establishing the Estonian-language university.
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PhD studies in Law opened admissions from 15 to 30 November.
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In 2019, the European Commission first granted the Jean Monnet Chair to the University of Tartu School of Law to recognise the quality of their work on European Union law.

University of Tartu School of Law

The School of Law is one of the four oldest faculties of the University of Tartu, where lawyers have been educated ever since the university was founded in 1632. The School of Law incorporates the bulk of Estonia’s legal research potential and actively participates in shaping Estonia’s legal policy.

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Legal research conference "Public procurement in times of crisis: national experiences"

The conference will take place on 26-27 January 2023. At the conference, we will discuss the national legal experiences of procuring during the past and on-going crises: the pandemic, the war and the energy crisis.

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IT Law

Continuing Education Programme in Information Technology Law


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