Research at the School of Law

School of Law incorporates the bulk of Estonia’s legal research potential. Our teaching staff has played a key role in the development of Estonia’s statehood and legal doctrine.

Our main research areas are:

  • Russia and International Law
  • Russia and Human Rights
  • Criminal Law
  • Religion and Human Rights
  • Estonian Legal History
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Data Protection Law
  • IT Law
  • Consumer Law in the Digital Market
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Civil Procedure

Doctoral theses

University of Tartu is the only university in Estonia certified to teach law at doctoral level. Our PhD students actively take part in research and teaching activities.

The doctoral theses defended at School of Law can be found here


Our academic staff has written more than a hundred legal monographs, textbooks and teaching aids and many scientific commentaries on how to understand and implement various legal acts.


Juridica International. Law Review. University of Tartu

Juridica International, published since 1996, is a peer-reviewed open access journal. Articles are written in English, German of French. Juridica International has become a highly valued channel for Estonian lawyers, enabling them to take their research onto the international arena.

Read Juridica International here!

In addition, our academic staff sits on the editorial boards of various foreign law journals: Review of Central and East European Law (Lauri Mälksoo), International Comparative Jurisprudence (Aleksei Kelli), Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law (Karin Sein), Forum Historiae Iuris (Marju Luts-Sootak) etc.

University of Tartu Journal of International Law and Human Rights

The Journal of International Law and Human Rights is an academic law journal focused on questions of international law and human rights. The Journal is student-run by master’s students at the University of Tartu who are elected to the editorial board.

Read University of Tartu Journal of International Law and Human Rights here!

Honorary Doctors

Honorary doctors of the University of Tartu are eminent and internationally recognised researchers, politicians and cultural figures who have helped to promote the role of the University of Tartu and the Estonian research internationally and notably contributed to building relationships between the University of Tartu and other universities and research institutions of the world. The honorary title was established in 1803. In addition to the title, the university presents honorary doctors with a medal.

Candidates for honorary doctorates may be proposed by five senate members jointly and by the councils of faculties and non-faculty institutions. The senate decides the granting of honorary doctorates at its May meeting.

Honorary doctorates are conferred on 1 December at the ceremony marking the anniversary of Estonian national university.


  • Kåre Lilleholt


  • Christian Tomuschat


  • Joachim Rückert


  • Erik Nerep


  • Werner Krawietz


  • Christian von Bar


  • Tarja Kaarina Halonen


  • Wilfried Schlüter


  • Peter Schlechtriem
  • Thomas Wilhelmsson


  • Heinrich Mark


  • Boris Meissner


  • August Rei
  • Kaarel Parts
  • Gustav Adolf, Rootsi kroonprints, hilisem kuningas Gustaf VI Adolf
  • Jaan Teemant
  • Karl Robert Brotherus
  • James Young Simpson


  • Ignacy Mościcki


  • Antti Tulenheimo


  • Johan Laidoner
  • Konstantin Päts
  • Otto Strandman
  • Jaan Tõnisson
  • Heinrich Koppel


  • Eugen von Nottbeck


  • Krahv Mihhail Speranski
  • Angelo May
  • Friedrich Maximilian von Klinger


  • Gustav Johann von Buddenbrock


  • Carl Friedrich Meyer