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Conference on "Privacy, Data Protection and New Technologies"

Tartu University School of Law welcomes everyone to an international conference on the topic of "Privacy, Data Protection and New Technologies" in Tallinn on June 16-17 2022!

Can't make it to Tallinn? It is also possible to take part of the conference online!

Location: School of Law in Tallinn and online

Address: Kaarli pst 3, Tallinn

Dates: June 16-17, 2022

The aim of the conference is to ask what new challenges to data protection law have arisen from the introduction of new technologies and what balanced solutions could be found to ensure that data subjects' rights are protected without hampering technological innovation. The presentations will address, inter alia, issues related to the use of personal data in blockchain and for 'training' artificial intelligence, the use of robots in personal care, emotion detection and decision-making, and biometric identification systems. The conference will allow researchers from different EU Member States to discuss topics where no common views have yet emerged and where there is certainly a degree of divergence of understanding between countries.


Please find information about the conference programme below.

P.S. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the conference programme!


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