SubTech conference discusses the impacts of technology on lecal practice and education

From the 12th-14th of July School of Law’s IT Law Programme hosts the biennial SubTech conference in Tallinn which brings together scholars and practitioners to discuss the impacts of technology on legal practice and education.

 „This conference is a great opportunity to exchange and generate ideas on law and technology with experts from top research institutions all over the world. We also hope that this event encourages further collaboration for teaching and research in this area,“ says Anette Aav, organizer of the conference and Director of the IT Law Programme

The participant list includes ICT law and law technology experts from around the world: Vienna, Groeningen, Oslo, Vermont, Stanford etc.

One central question explored at the conference is how to prepare law students for tech developments.

How to incorporate technology in how we teach and what we teach? What would it look like, if we could redesign legal education from tabula rasa? Is there any point to try and keep up with the rapidly changing technologies or is it a race we have lost before it even started?

Other topics discussed at the conference are:

  • Trends in Legal Technology in Europe
  • Artificial Intelligence and Real Justice
  • Free Movement of (Personal) Data and Data Monetization
  • Data Embassies
  • Code is Law vs. Code is not Law

To read more, visit the conference home page. Ideas, thoughts and emotions from the conference can be followed on Twitter using #subtech2018.

SubTech is a collaborative forum for sharing best practices and learning about the legal applications of emerging technologies. It has been organized every two years since 1990 alternately in Europe and in America.