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On 10 June at 10:00 Artur Simonyan will defend his doctoral thesis "Regional International Law in Eurasia".
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On 16 May, the Estonian Doctoral School Career Conference will be held in Tallinn to discuss the value of doctoral studies and the career prospects of doctoral students. All Estonian doctoral students and those interested in doctoral studies are welcome to attend.
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The University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, the Estonian University of Life Sciences, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Estonian Academy of Arts, and the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner celebrate the Diversity Week from 6 to 12 May, under the title “Diverse Estonian universities”.
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From 8 May to 20 October, all UT employees, students, alumni and all others interested are welcome to complete the orienteering course and reconnect with the history of the UT dormitories.

University of Tartu School of Law

The School of Law is one of the four oldest faculties of the University of Tartu, where lawyers have been educated ever since the university was founded in 1632. The School of Law incorporates the bulk of Estonia’s legal research potential and actively participates in shaping Estonia’s legal policy.

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University of Tartu invites applications for doctoral studies

The University of Tartu will open 179 student places in doctoral studies this spring. Most of these are linked to the junior research fellow’s position, so doctoral students can commit to research and studies. Admission to doctoral studies at the University of Tartu takes place four times a year. The next application periods are in September and November. To apply for the industrial doctorate, a cooperation agreement with the partner organisation is required.

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Continuing Education Programme in Information Technology Law


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